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Empowering businesses in the region to diversify their offering, expand their customer base and unlock opportunities into new markets.

Supply Chain North Exchange

Welcome to the Supply Chain Exchange.

The Supply Chain Exchange, directory and knowledge base has been specifically developed to support beneficiary businesses, with a wide range of services aimed at improving their supply chain readiness.

  • Provide the beneficiary with access to an online supply chain resource, stocked with a wide range of information aimed at helping the user upskill their business and gather intelligence to help them make more informed decisions on where to focus their valuable time.
  • Encourage inter-trading opportunities between member businesses, whether that be products, materials, services, or information. Provide a dedicated online space where you can share and promote your own specific offers as well as your needs, to a wider audience and potential customer or supplier.
  • An exclusive source for all cross-sector opportunities open to beneficiary companies, covering tenders and contracts from OEM’s and higher Tier providers.
  • Access to all the funding and support programmes in your region, to enable you to grow and become more productive as a business.

If you have a supply chain need or opportunity you’d like to share, please browse or search our directory, to see which local businesses and organisations may be able to fulfil your need.

As a participating business within a Supply Chain North programme, you are invited to promote your business, products and services via our exclusive directory. Register here.

The current Supply Chain North Programmes in operation, can be accessed via the links below: